WonderCube Is Truly Wonderous

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The WonderCube is wonderful, as the name suggests. The 1-cubic inch device comes with more than 8 mobile essentials. The multi-functional device can charge a smartphone, provide memory, act as a phone stand, provide emergency power, connect to USB storage devices, read micro SD cards, provide light as a LED mini torch and sync files, among other uses.

Charge Phone.
The WonderCube has a standard 9-volt battery that is like a power bank and capable of charging a phone or tablet. A 3-inch USB cable is included to help with connection. According to the developer, the battery can provide enough power for 3.5 hours of talk time.

Connect to USB Storage Devices.
The WonderCube functions as a USB OTG cable allowing the user connect it to devices such as USB flash drives and HDDs. The user can then transfer files from or to the storage device.

Read Micro SD Cards.
The user can quickly view photos stored on a Micro SD card using the WonderCube. In order to access the photo files, the user needs only to insert the memory card into the small device.

Sync Files.
The WonderCube is an important tool when it comes to keeping files safe. The user can sync photos, videos and music even without a wireless connection. A Lightning cable or built-in micro USB helps in the data backup process.

Provide Light in the Dark.
Equipped with an LED mini touch, the WonderCube can be used to provide light in a room. With this device, the user is protected from black-outs. The built-in flashlight makes the device a good tool to travel with.

Stand for Phone or Tablet.
It is amazing how this small device provides support to a mobile device. It can act a stand allowing the user comfortably view photos or watch videos from a phone or tablet. It has micro-suction cups that adhere to the back of a mobile device. The user can enjoy both portrait and landscaping viewing with the help of the suction cups.

Designed for both iOS and Android Devices.
The WonderCube is compatible with a wide range of devices that use iOS and Android operating systems. So the user will always find something to perform with the minute device at home or in the office.

Versatile Keychain Accessory.
The WonderCube can be put on the keychain so that the user can have it any place where he or she goes. It is super tiny and lightweight, something which makes it hassle-free to carry in the pocket.

Compact Design and Durable.
When its parts are in their compartments, the WonderCube is completely compact and has no exposed contacts. The USB cord is usually folded and placed in its compartment. Constructed with wear and tear-resistant materials, the device is durable providing a longer time of use.

In conclusion, the WonderCube is designed to eliminate the problem of carrying tangled cables and other accessories that keep your smartphone functioning. The small device comes with all essential mobile tools to keep your phone charged, help you access files without a USB cable and even enjoy some light when darkness engulfs your room.


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