Turn Your Entire Roof Into A Solar Panel With Solar Roof Tiles

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8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Roof Tiles Immediately

If you want to stay ahead of the curve you need to look into solar roof tiles. Old roofs only had one purpose, which was to protect us from the elements. Now your roof will have the power to take energy from the sun to turn into electricity, plus the solar roof tiles will still do everything you’d expect from the tiles you have on your roof at the moment. They’re gaining a lot of traction due to their wonderful benefits, so let’s see why they are becoming more popular with each passing day.

1 – You’ll Save Lots On Your Electric Bill

Some solar tiles can produce roughly 15 watts of electricity, so if you have enough of them installed they’ll easily become your prime energy source. You’ll also be able to send any surplus power back to the grid, which means they’ll eliminate your electric bill completely. If you’re lucky you might also qualify for tax incentives, but it will depend on which state you’re living in.

2 – The New Roof Will Pay For Itself

If you’re currently looking to replace your existing roof, you’ll have noticed it’s not going to be cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive home improvement jobs you will ever undertake, and once you’ve spent the money it will be gone forever. When you build a roof using solar tiles it’s completely different due to the money you’ll save, so your brand new roof will essentially pay for itself over the years.

3 – Add Solar Tiles To An Existing Roof

You don’t have to be carrying out any drastic work on your home to take advantage of solar roof tiles. Even though it’s easier to add them to a brand new roof, they can easily be incorporated into your existing one. When you’re looking at them from a distance it’s hard to tell the difference between solar tiles and traditional ones, so your roof will still look great should you go down this route.

4 – It Will Be An Aesthetically-Pleasing Roof

We’ve just talked about the fact your solar roof tiles will blend into the roof, but you can’t say the same thing about solar panels. They’ll stand out too much, which isn’t what you want because they shouldn’t be the focal point of your home when you’re standing outside. If you still want a roof capable of generating electricity while being aesthetically-pleasing at the same time, solar tiles are the top choice.

5 – Your Roof Will Be Able To Handle The Elements

It’s easy to keep the rain out of your home. As long as the solar tiles are long enough and they’re not full of holes, it’s hard to see how water will get inside. What you’ve really got to be careful of are those strong gusts of wind, because if tiles aren’t good enough they’ll be blown out as soon as the bad weather strikes. Luckily your solar tiles will keep you safe from all the elements.

6 – All Different Shapes And Sizes Are Available

When we talked about aesthetics we only mentioned the solar roof tiles looking the same as traditional ones. If you really care about how good your home looks from the outside, I’m sure you’d like a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from too. You don’t want your home to look like every other one in the neighborhood, so you’ll be happy if being unique is important to you because you’ll have a wide selection of solar tiles to choose from.

7 – You’ll Cover A Much Larger Area Of Your Roof

In case you didn’t know, regular solar panels have to be placed in the perfect position so they can capture as much energy from the sun as possible. This means they’ll usually be facing the sun during the afternoon when it’s at its peak, and for the rest of the day they will be sitting around not doing much. Solar tiles can be placed anywhere on your roof, so in theory they could be facing the sun all day long.

8 – Homeowners Will Learn To Become More Energy Efficient

At the moment it’s far too easy to waste electricity without even thinking about it. Who cares if you leave the lights on when all your problems will go away once you’ve paid your next bill? Once you start using solar tiles you’ll begin to think about things differently, and when you can see how much energy you’re wasting you’ll learn to be a lot more efficient. It’s only one small way you’ll be able to help the environment.

Things Have Changed Over The Last Few Years

If you’ve looked into solar roof tiles in the past they might have failed to impress you, but the technology has advanced so much recently. The electricity conversation rate used to be terrible, but the copper indium gallium diselenide solar cells they use now has doubled it. Now they’ll actually be able to create enough electricity to power your home, and they’re good enough to compare with the solar panels lots of people rave about.



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