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10 Astonishing Technology’s Currently In Development

Scientists, engineers and technologists are working around the clock to develop products, services and process that can solve the world’s challenges. Over the past few years, we have seen incredible technologies that have completely changed our lives. And it seems

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Triton Artificial Gill Scam!

Triton was a kick starter backed project that claimed to give the user the ability to breathe under water, Unfortunately this was too good to be true as the whole project was a scam. It is debunked step by step

Drones Will Deliver Your Goods In The Very Near Future

Since they were invented, drones have been making waves in the world of robotic technology. The unmanned automobiles are not popular in all sectors which means that a large percentage of the world’s population does not know anything about them.

Zero Energy House – Creates It’s Own Power

With soaring costs of non-renewable energy, many people are looking into suitable ways that can help save energy in their homes. There are many ways of reducing energy costs, but why just reduce energy costs when you can cut them

New Technology Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Xray!

Cellphones have developed from simple devices made only for the purpose of communication, to sophisticated devices that can detect fingerprints and do other ‘harder’ more complicated tasks. Smartphones are tipped to become even better in the future. According to scientists and

Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera

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Complete Guide To The Best Rechargeable Flashlight In The World

Turning night into day might seem like a fantasy, but what if you had the best flashlight in the world? Even though it would have sounded like an impossible task a few years ago, flashlights are now a hundred times

The Ultimate Gaming Projector For Immersing Yourself In Your Favorite Games

How many hours do you spend playing video games every week at the moment? Even if you only play a few hours per week you might be missing out on something magical, but if you’re addicted to gaming you’re really

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera Review

  The Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Quadcopter has a number of cool specifications that make this drone one of the best money can buy. What makes it really easy to fly is the dedicated takeoff/ land button and the fail safe

13 Nifty Pocket Gadgets

Folding Key Knife Source; Amazon This is a well built stainless steel knife with a solid locking mechanism. The blade folds back into the key shaped housing so that it is disguised as a key. It comes in multiple colors