New Technology Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Xray!

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Cellphones have developed from simple devices made only for the purpose of communication, to sophisticated devices that can detect fingerprints and do other ‘harder’ more complicated tasks.

Smartphones are tipped to become even better in the future. According to scientists and technologists, mobile phones will be able to execute things that human beings never thought these devices could do.

For example, the devices will be able to see through walls and other opaque objects such as wood, paper and plastic. Researchers are working on an imaging chip that will enable smartphones to see through solid objects.

smartphone xrayThe imaging chip will be integrated with the smartphone camera to enable the device to take images of objects behind a wall. Two scientific advancements will come into play when developing the imaging technology. One is associated with the terahertz (THz) band which is an unused range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The other is a new microchip technology.

The terahertz band is found between microwaves & infrared light and has been studied to help with seeing through solids. This is not the first time the band is being tested: it has been used before. According to researchers at the University of Dallas, TX, it will be simpler and cheaper to create the imaging chip with this band. There will be no piling of several lenses inside an imaging device, and the device will be able to create images with signals operating in the THz range.

The new microchip technology, utilizes Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology which is widely applied in consumer electronic devices such as high definition TV, smart phones, personal computers and game consoles. According to the researchers, CMOS is less expensive and can be used to build a lot of chips.

The combination of terahertz and CMOS will yield a chip that can be put on the back of a smartphone to turn the device into one capable of seeing through objects. And like in other imaging devices, a transmitter will be provided to work with the chip. The user will capture images with the help of the smartphone camera.

The new tech will make finding studs in walls a quicker task. In addition to seeing through walls, the tech will help in the authentication of important documents, detecting counterfeit money and improving process control. Wireless communication could be made more efficient since this is a high frequency that can facilitate rapid sharing of information.

And that’s not all; mobile phones fitted with this technology could be used to detect cancer tumors. The terahertz itself will be able to analyze breath & diagnose diseases and also monitor air toxicity. The researchers believe that the technology will do many things when it is fully implemented.

In conclusion, the CMOS terahertz technology will definitely change the lives of many people. From finding lost items to detecting growths in the body, the technology will save money and even lives. Generally, it is going to benefit us all according to the researchers who are now creating a fully-operational imaging system. Concerning cost, we hope the smartphones equipped with this technology will be pocket-friendly.

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