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Turn Your Entire Roof Into A Solar Panel With Solar Roof Tiles

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Roof Tiles Immediately If you want to stay ahead of the curve you need to look into solar roof tiles. Old roofs only had one purpose, which was to protect us from

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Japan Is Working On A Silent One Person Helicopter

The 2012 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition held in Nagoya was decorated by all kinds of helicopters and airplane concepts. One of the concepts that caught the attention of many people was a mini electric helicopter touted by the developer to

Newark, NJ Will Soon Have The World’s Largest Vertical Farm

With the global food crisis getting worse every day, AeroFarms seems to have devised a farming practice that could end up eliminating the food shortage menace once and for all. The environmental and agricultural champion is building a huge vertical farm

Algae Lamps Are A Step In The Right Direction

Over the past few years, algae has received lots of attention for it’s potential as a source of energy. These simple photosynthetic microorganisms have lived on earth for billions of years, and according to seasoned scientists, they can be very useful

Zero Energy House – Creates It’s Own Power

With soaring costs of non-renewable energy, many people are looking into suitable ways that can help save energy in their homes. There are many ways of reducing energy costs, but why just reduce energy costs when you can cut them