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Bluesmart Smart Luggage Review – An Overpriced Gimmick

If you are a seasoned or tech-savvy traveler, you would definitely want to know about the Bluesmart smart Luggage carry on bag. This travel product is designed to eliminate issues such as misplacement and paying of unnecessary fees for overweight

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WonderCube Is Truly Wonderous

The WonderCube is wonderful, as the name suggests. The 1-cubic inch device comes with more than 8 mobile essentials. The multi-functional device can charge a smartphone, provide memory, act as a phone stand, provide emergency power, connect to USB storage

New Technology Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Xray!

Cellphones have developed from simple devices made only for the purpose of communication, to sophisticated devices that can detect fingerprints and do other ‘harder’ more complicated tasks. Smartphones¬†are tipped to become even better in the future. According to scientists and

Best Wireless Portable Speakers For Your Smartphone

Amazon Echo Source; Amazon The Echo may look like an ordinary speaker but it is so much more than that – it is a voice activated personal assistant. You can ask it to google something, sync it with your smart

9 Of The Best Smart Phone Gadgets

Tile (Gen 2) РPhone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder Source; Amazon This is a clever little tracking device connects to your phone via bluetooth.  How would you use it? It works both ways meaning if you had one attached