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Exoskeletons Will Enhance Abilities And Prevent Injuries

Many work related health problems caused by maneuvering heavy objects could be eliminated in the future if the highly-hyped power-assist suits AKA exoskeletons are designed, manufactured and tested successfully in a cost efficient way. The futuristic outfits are expected to enhance

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Japan Is Working On A Silent One Person Helicopter

The 2012 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition held in Nagoya was decorated by all kinds of helicopters and airplane concepts. One of the concepts that caught the attention of many people was a mini electric helicopter touted by the developer to

What Is Li-Fi? How Does It Work? – Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi could be a thing of the past in the coming years, if a high-speed and fully-networked wireless technology under development becomes a success. The new wireless technology is Light Fidelity which is abbreviated as Li-Fi. The visible light communications

10 Astonishing Technology’s Currently In Development

Scientists, engineers and technologists are working around the clock to develop products, services and process that can solve the world’s challenges. Over the past few years, we have seen incredible technologies that have completely changed our lives. And it seems

New Technology Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Xray!

Cellphones have developed from simple devices made only for the purpose of communication, to sophisticated devices that can detect fingerprints and do other ‘harder’ more complicated tasks. Smartphones are tipped to become even better in the future. According to scientists and

Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera

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