Bluesmart Smart Luggage Review – An Overpriced Gimmick

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If you are a seasoned or tech-savvy traveler, you would definitely want to know about the Bluesmart smart Luggage carry on bag. This travel product is designed to eliminate issues such as misplacement and paying of unnecessary fees for overweight luggage.

Equipped with high-tech features, the suitcase makes your luggage as smart as your smartphone. The electronic system can track your luggage, lock the bag remotely, weight it and charge your phone.

Bluesmart-8 (1)Remote Digital Lock.
With the help of a mobile app, you can remotely locate your suitcase, unlock and lock it. The app will also allow you access your travel data and history. A remote digital lock is installed on the bag to allow you open and close it. This is one of the best features of this product and about the only thing that makes it not a complete waste of money.

Built-In Battery.
The battery can charge your mobile phone up to 6 times, allegedly… The charging system consists of 2 USB ports to allow you connect your phone and charge it with an extra usb port just in case. With this suitcase, you will never need to look for a charging station or power outlet at the airport.

Tracking System.
Equipped with 3G and GPS units, the tracking system allows you to locate your suitcase easily. Unlike other item trackers, the luggage system is more sophisticated and offers a longer range.

The two units offer global coverage which means that you can locate your bag anywhere in the world. Your baggage will never be left behind with this high-tech tracking system. You could do the same with the tile tracking system shown on this page.

This seems kind of pointless with a small carry on bag.

Built-In Scale.
The scale is fixed in the handle and will help you know if your luggage is within the airline’s weight range. You will only need to lift your bag up in order to know its weight. The scale will help you avoid exorbitant fees charged for excess weight at the check-in counter.

Again pointless, carry on luggage is rarely weighed.

Bluetooth Sensors.
The short range sensors will send a signal to your smartphone when your bag goes out of range. So you will always get alerted when your bag is not near you. As a safety precaution, the suitcase will even lock itself when it is moved far away from you.

Tripdata App.
If you want to learn about your travel habits, this app will be of a very great help. You can login on to it, enter your travel data and analyze it to get a better insight about of your travel habits. You can also check your travel history at a later date.

Water-Resistant Polycarbonate Exterior.
The suitcase is durable with this exterior construction. If you travel extensively, the bag got your back. You don’t have to worry about it wearing out or damaging soon.

These are the claims made by the manufacturer, some amazon customers disagree though.

Compact Design and Spacious.
The suitcase meets international carry-on requirements. It has a retractable handle and four strong wheels. The interior is spacious enough to hold your clothes and other gear. The exterior has a sleeve that can hold a laptop and an extra pocket for holding a phone or tablet.

The Bluesmart smart luggage is ideal for 2-3 day trips. It offers you stress-free traveling and great peace of mind throughout the trip. As described above, the bag can help keep your personal belongings safe, keep your phone charged and avoid extra-weight charges at the airport.

I personally do not think this product is as good as it is hyped up to be but it has a few redeeming features. If you are still interested you can check it out here.

A Disgruntled Customer’s  Review Of The BlueSmart Luggage


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