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Turning night into day might seem like a fantasy, but what if you had the best flashlight in the world? Even though it would have sounded like an impossible task a few years ago, flashlights are now a hundred times better these days.

Whether you’re someone who works outside in the dark or loves spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll appreciate the ability to see more clearly than ever before when the sun goes down. The only question now is which one you should buy, so we’re going to find the world’s best flashlight by comparing the top ones on the market right now.

This list is in order from most expensive to least expensive.

2016 Edition FENIX RC40 6000 Lumen Rechargeable Flaslight


Product Specifications




This rightfully deserves the title of the best flashlight in the world, it has five different brightness setting plus a strobe and sos setting. Each brightness mode has a different amount of run time before it needs to be recharged from a super bright 6000 lumens you will get an hour before you kill the battery down to 125 hours running at 45 lumens. You can also purchase an additional battery to keep as a spare when charging.

It is made out of durable aircraft grade aluminium and weighs 1.25kg or 45oz. A handy feature is the ability to serve as a portable power bank due to the discharge function. This flashlight is water resistant, which does not mean it can be fully submerged in water but it will handle a bit of rain. The Fenix Rc40 is a high end flashlight so it is priced accordingly. If you need a high quality flashlight that won’t let you down then this is it.


This is a top of the line flashlight and there really is nothing to complain about except maybe the price.



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LUMINTOP SD75 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Searchlight


Product Specifications

-Newest XHP70 LED, Max 4000 Lumens, Far-reaching Up to 652 meters

-Runs on 4x 18650 3400 mAh batteries (Included)

-4 Modes:Low 150 Lumen (50 Hours)-Mid 1800 Lumen (8.33 Hours) -High 4000 Lumen (2.68 Hours)-Strobe 4000 Lumen

-Rechargeable & Powerbank Function:Can be recharged in the light inside your car or be faster charged at home with wall charger

-The design is workable for a 2+ pound light with high strength aerospace aluminum with anti-scratching HAIII hard-anodized finish.


This a very nicely made flashlight, it feels very solid and heavy in your hand to the point that it could double as a self defense weapon. It is super bright with a long range throw, you may think this flashlght would heat up from being so bright but it has a well designed fin system to disburse the heat quickly.

It comes with a nice carry case and like the previous mentioned flashlight it has a feature in which you can use it to charge other devices such as your phone.


Again there is nothing worthy of complaining about with this product, it is expensive so you are getting a high quality flashlight.

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Fenix RC20 Cree XM-L2 U2 Tactical LED Flashlight

Fenix RC20 1000 Lumens Rechargeable flashlight

Product Specifications

– 1000 lumens reaching up to 314 yards
– Dual switch tail-cap to change brightness settings
– An LED power indicator showing battery levels
– USB charging cradle with protection circuit
– Bundle of extras including heavy duty holster


A lot of people were looking for the best rechargeable flashlight, so they were pleasantly surprised the charging cradle can be placed inside a car. Cops have even stated it’s easy to positively ID someone up to 100 yards away. One of the reasons it’s apparently the one of the world’s best flashlight is because it’s brighter than the competition.

The flashlight itself has also received lots of praise because it’s well-made, which has to do with the fact it’s built from durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Fenix also deliver exceptional customer service and will offer you replacement parts at your place of work, so if your business relies on them it will make your life much easier.


The Fenix RC20 comes with more features than you could ever imagine, but some users have found things difficult to use. For example, it has an LED light showing you how much juice you have left, but the flashlight needs to be off and you need to need to click the mode switch once to see what color it’s sitting at. As long as you read the instructions carefully you’ll be fine.
flashlight accessories
A few people have also complained about the cost, but the best rechargeable flashlight will never be as cheap as a regular one. The last thing that seems to cause some problems is the effectiveness of the light, and while it’s extremely bright users have said they wished the beam throw was a little bit tighter.

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Streamlight 74350 Strion LED Flashlight

Streamlight 74350 Strion LED Flashlight

Product Specifications

– Tactical tailswitch for one-handed operation
– Lithium ion battery rechargeable up to 1000 times
– IPX4 water resistant operation and 2 meter impact resistance
– C4 LED technology offers range and brightness of xenon flashlight
– 2 hours of runtime at 260 lumens


As you’ll see from the photo the Streamlight Strion comes in a lovely pink color, so it’s being touted as the best flashlight in the world for women of all ages. The reason it will suit every female is because it’s so light, although it’s heavier than cheap models. Some have said they like the color so much because men don’t want to use it so it never goes missing.

The beam is quite tight and it reaches out a good distance, so it’s effective for anyone taking their dog a walk at night in case it runs off. It’s also known to be really reliable, and thanks to it being the best rechargeable flashlight for women they’ll save lots of money in the long-term. People are pleased it will last many years without suffering from any problems.


For a lot of people, the runtime of the battery isn’t ideal. It might be okay if you’re going for a quick stroll through the park, but if you’re camping 2 hours isn’t very long and it will still need to be recharged almost every time you use it if you have it on for any considerable amount of time. They are still double the runtime of other Streamlight models, which makes it sound a bit better.

The charger base also has a habit of suffering from problems much quicker than the flashlight itself, and it will need to be replaced when it breaks down. This isn’t exactly the biggest con in the world, because you’ll still have to wait years before it ever happens. Men have also said they would prefer if it was a different color, although this won’t affect you if you’re a woman.

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Streamlight 75612 Stinger LED Flashlight

Streamlight 75612 Flashlight

Product Specifications

– A 7.25 hour battery life at lowest setting
– Maximum 350 lumens reaching up to 310 meters
– Scratch-resistant coating and unbreakable lens
– 10 hour steady charger ideal for backup battery
– Machines aircraft aluminum body with non-slip grip


This flashlight has fallen from 10 feet in the air and the light didn’t even flicker, so it’s perfect for any jobs if you’re working at height. People have even talked about covering their flashlight in oils, yet nothing was able to penetrate the casing. It could easily be the world’s best flashlight for handling tough situations.

It’s also very bright too, whether it’s illuminating dark spaces or letting you see up to 100 feet in the air. You’ll be able to step down the light output easily with the touch of a button, which is a popular feature. Even though the runtime of the battery is great, you’ll be able to recharge the backup meaning you’ll never be without your flashlight when you need it.


The biggest concern about the Streamlight Stinger seems to be the size, because although it’s not huge it will be too big to fit inside your pocket. It’s also not the brightest light available, but it’s going to be good enough for everyone in the majority of cases. It has so many great features, so the only reason you wouldn’t like it is if maximum brightness was a necessity.

A few people have mentioned the light becomes dim after extended use, but as we mentioned earlier you’ll just be able to swap the batteries around. While we’re on this subject, you’ll only get a steady charger as opposed to a fast charger, but the same thing applies and you’ll not be affected as long as you remember to keep your spare on charge all the time.

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The Best Rechargeable Flashlight For You

Which one do you think is the best flashlight in the world? Each one we’ve talked about today does have little differences, but they could all qualify as the world’s best flashlight depending on your individual needs. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure you’ll end up with a fantastic flashlight that will last you years and help you out in so many ways. The only thing you need to decide now is which one is right for you. Or you could make your own flashlight like this guy;


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