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As 4k is relatively new technology we have only two 4k gaming projectors to review so far, the Sony VPLVW350ES 4K  3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector and the Sony VPLVW600ES 4K 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector.

Lets start off with the vplvw350es;

Sony VPLVW350ES 4K  3D SXRD Gaming Projector Review

sony-vplvw350es-4k-4096-x-2160-3d-sxrd-home-theater-gaming-projectorSpecifications And Features

#Input Lag reduction mode for gaming

#Short Throw

# Screen Size: 42-85 inches from 8 feet; 62-126 inches from 12 feet

#Native Resolution = 4K (4096 x 2160) x3 / 26,542,080 pixels

# Contrast Ratio: 200,000:1

#2 HDMI ports

#Warranty of 3 years

#3D Compatible with optional TDG-BT500A 3D glasses

#Screen Brightness of 1500 Lumens; Color Brightness: 1500 Lumens

#Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV (480i), EDTV (480p)

#Lamp Life: 4000 hours

#Power Zoom/Focus

#Product Weight: 30.6 pounds

#Lens Zoom ratio ratio: 2.06:1


This currently retails for just under ten thousand USD and for that price you can expect amazing picture quality. Although this projector sells for a pretty penny believe it or not it is actually one of the cheaper 4k projectors on the market.

This projector has excellent light output and black levels, superb color accuracy and the fan is almost silent.

Where this really shines is it’s use for gaming, it has a input lag mode feture in the menu settings which makes it ideal for games such as first person shooters and muulti player games.

When you activate this ‘gaming mode’ you can expect lag times of a range between 16-17ms to 33-34ms! (source)

On top of that it has other modes making it great to use as a regular projector for movies as well.


You really do not notice the extra resolution unless you are viewing it on a very large screen and the back levels are not quite as deep as competitors. Also the brightness is good but not great you really need a dedicated home theatre room or good sized dark lounge to really appreciate it at it’s fullest capacity.


This high end 4k projector has four independently adjustable legs, a power zoom focus and  horizontal and vertical lens shift, meaning setup is easy. The generous lens shift should accommodate multiple installations.

Watch 2d in 3D!

This projector boasts an ability to upscale 2d movies to 3d!


Although it is quite expensive it is still the cheapest 4k gaming projector on the market. It has a dedicated gaming mode and the picture quality is absolutely amazing!

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Sony VPLVW600ES 4K 3D SXRD Gaming Projector Review


Specifications And Features

#Short Throw

#Screen Size Range: 42-85 inches from 8 feet; 62-126 inches from 12 feet

#White Brightness: 1700 Lumens; Color Brightness: 1700 Lumens

#Contrast Ratio: 200,000:1; Keystone Correction: NA; Lens Shift: Vertical +85%/- 80%; Horizontal +/- 31%

#Warranty: 3 years ; Lamp Life: 4000 hours

#HDMI (2)

#2D to 3D conversion

#Lens Memory

#Dedicated gaming mode

This is the slightly older model gaming projector by sony it is very similar in almost every detail to the 350ES apart from having a slighter brighter display by a mere 200 lumens.

Being an older projector you will get it at a slightly lower price but in all honesty I would buy the newer gaming projector, because the price difference is not that much.

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Unfortunately there are not many dedicated 4k gaming projectors available at the moment, I will update this post as soon as more become available.


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