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Microsoft Surface Studio Review

If you are unfamiliar with the surface studio it is a pc that is designed for professionals,If you are an artist or if you work in graphics design then the surface studio is for you. With that being said you

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Best 4k Gaming Projector

As 4k is relatively new technology we have only two 4k gaming projectors to review so far, the Sony VPLVW350ES 4K  3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector and the Sony VPLVW600ES 4K 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector. Lets start off with the vplvw350es; Sony

Exoskeletons Will Enhance Abilities And Prevent Injuries

Many work related health problems caused by maneuvering heavy objects could be eliminated in the future if the highly-hyped power-assist suits AKA exoskeletons are designed, manufactured and tested successfully in a cost efficient way. The futuristic outfits are expected to enhance

Turn Your Entire Roof Into A Solar Panel With Solar Roof Tiles

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Roof Tiles Immediately If you want to stay ahead of the curve you need to look into solar roof tiles. Old roofs only had one purpose, which was to protect us from

Japan Is Working On A Silent One Person Helicopter

The 2012 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition held in Nagoya was decorated by all kinds of helicopters and airplane concepts. One of the concepts that caught the attention of many people was a mini electric helicopter touted by the developer to

Bluesmart Smart Luggage Review – An Overpriced Gimmick

If you are a seasoned or tech-savvy traveler, you would definitely want to know about the Bluesmart smart Luggage carry on bag. This travel product is designed to eliminate issues such as misplacement and paying of unnecessary fees for overweight

WonderCube Is Truly Wonderous

The WonderCube is wonderful, as the name suggests. The 1-cubic inch device comes with more than 8 mobile essentials. The multi-functional device can charge a smartphone, provide memory, act as a phone stand, provide emergency power, connect to USB storage

What Is Li-Fi? How Does It Work? – Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi could be a thing of the past in the coming years, if a high-speed and fully-networked wireless technology under development becomes a success. The new wireless technology is Light Fidelity which is abbreviated as Li-Fi. The visible light communications

Newark, NJ Will Soon Have The World’s Largest Vertical Farm

With the global food crisis getting worse every day, AeroFarms seems to have devised a farming practice that could end up eliminating the food shortage menace once and for all. The environmental and agricultural champion is building a huge vertical farm

Algae Lamps Are A Step In The Right Direction

Over the past few years, algae has received lots of attention for it’s potential as a source of energy. These simple photosynthetic microorganisms have lived on earth for billions of years, and according to seasoned scientists, they can be very useful